Security Trainings

These customized trainings are innovatively designed to fulfil the security requirements of different sectors.

Forgery Detection Methods of Official Documents

The training aims to enable the staff to detect forgery on official documents especially in banking and hotel management sector where official document and ID control is prevalent.

Security Checkpoint and Screening Training

The training provides information to the staff who work at the security checkpoints about the screening equipment, walk through metal detector, use of hand-held metal detectors, persons and baggage search. This training is supported with computer based x-ray simulation.

Profiling Training

Bank Robbery Prevention Training

This training is specifically designed for bank personnel and aims to familiarize the personnel with bank robber profiles and teach them how to respond to an armed bank robbery. The training also provides tips for detecting robbers during reconnaissance and communicating with security personnel.

Hotel Security Training

The training is designed to highlight customer satisfaction and brand image in line with the security needs of hotels and it covers both terrorist threats and loss prevention issues.

Explosives, Suspicious Objects and IED Detection

The training is provided by an EOD and it aims to teach security agents to recognize explosives, IEDs and suspicious objects. The training also aims to teach security agents the procedures to follow in the case of detection of suspicious objects.